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  1. 账号权限体系和多重签名,用户可以设置账号的权限和对应的管理账号,实现不同的交易由不同的人签名,一个交易可以由多个人共同签名;
  2. 性能提升,交易去重逻辑进一步优化,整体性能提升5%,区块广播的效率提升,资源使用降低到原来的50%;
  3. 安全性改进,优化了虚拟机的部分指令的安全性;
  4. 实现了性能更好,更加灵活的事件服务器,方便DApp开发者开发应用;
  5. 优化主备功能,增加整个网络的稳定性。

February 28, 2019 Tron released a new version of java-tron node, Odyssey-3.5. Please complete your upgrade to the new version before next Tuesday (March 05, 2019), otherwise it will affect the synchronization of the node.

You can find the upgrade instructions in the following links.

Version 3.5 adds features such as multi-signature and event-plugin. You can find more details about this upgrade in the Notices and Changes section of the release.

You will need to update the config.conf: